I moved to London

We did it. We moved to London! It has now been three months since we left sunny Spain and moved to one of the most vibrant cities in the world.


Time to talk about Sustainability – Paperless Post

“Sadly, as humans we are getting bit carried away living our modern lives and many of us don’t realise how badly we are treating our home.” Unfortunately these words by Fitness blogger Zanna Van Dijk couldn’t be more true, that is why I have decided to write a series of posts across my platform to … Continue reading Time to talk about Sustainability – Paperless Post

What I Learnt from being a Young Leader

Hey everyone! and Happy Tuesday! This past July I had the chance to be a participant in the 5th edition of the European Athletics Young Leaders Forum which took place in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. And my word what a wonderful buzzing city it was. This was my first time visiting, and I had no idea … Continue reading What I Learnt from being a Young Leader


How I managed to become a morning runner

As we grow older and responsibilities take priority, fitting in training and runs can become a much harder task. Well I am here to tell you that morning runs can definitely be done, and they are not as impossible as they look. In this post, I share my tips and tricks on how I became a morning runner.


Say YES! To a Rest Day

Guess what? REST IS KEY! Sometimes we need to take a step back. A few rest days will not affect our performance in fact we will benefit from it.


My favourite Inspiring Fitness Girls I follow on Social Media #GIRLPOWER

If you are looking for that little extra girl power to get your bum into the gym, these girls will kick you right into gear!


10 Books To Read, Before They Hit The Big Screen.

This 2017 is no different, as per usual Hollywood have adapted many books into films, here is a practical reading guide of my favourite reads and films to look forward to this year.