My favourite Inspiring Fitness Girls I follow on Social Media #GIRLPOWER

Nowadays, we spend most of our free time scrolling through images on our phones, and I am definitely one of those people. It’s undeniable that with social media like Instagram, you can share a love-hate relationship with it. For me it is a perfect way to be visually inspired, and see what some of my favourite bloggers are up to.

However when it comes to Instagram it is easy to build an unhealthy relationship with it, by becoming so immersed in their world we begin to feel frustrated about ours, scrolling through can become an addictive activity in search of that one perfect photo that will make all the difference.

But for me the women on this list have changed the way I see and use social media, and have managed to help so many people along the way. These badass women will inspire, motivate, and allow you to get involved in their journey, as well as sharing their ideas and passions about what fitness means to them.You learn and evolve with them as they guide you on lessons about self-confidence, and how to live a balanced healthy life, many juggling full time jobs, student life and families.

I don’t see these women as FITNESS GURUS, or Superstars to me they are everyday women that don’t let society get them down, women who believe in building a healthier and happier life.

ZANNA VAN DIJK @zannavandijk

A yorkshire full time nutt butter girl addict, that can 100kg deadlift, say what? Like many of us she runs a busy hectic life running through the city of London, with her personal training appointments and her recent job at F45 #GIRLBOSS. However through all this she manages to inspire you with her workouts, and her attitude towards balance and focusing on building strength rather than trying to achieve perfect abs, or a lean machine body.

Zanna shares her life with her boyfriend Antony Maule, who on her Vlogs is absolutely hilarious. Zanna is also part of the #girlgains movement, inspiring, educating and motivating women to be a better version of themselves.

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ADRIENNE @adrienne_ldn

My favourite Fitness Boss Mum, and an incredible runner! Her son Jude is the most heart warming little boy on the planet. Spreading joy across her social media. This Fitness Mama has a rocking hard body, with beautiful activewear and an ADIDAS ambassador, basically she is kicking life’s ass!

HAZEL WALLACE @thefoodmedic

Seriously is there anything this girl can’t do? Personal trainer, author, health and fitness blogger, social influencer and Doctor. She juggles a full time job with horrible night shifts and still manages to give you a little ab envy. The perfect example for those that don’t believe you can fit workouts into your life, Hazel is the pure example that you can! With great gym workout ideas, recipes and much more.

One quote of hers I love to stick by “Carbs are not the enemy!”

TALLY RYE @tallyrye

Another Girl Boss with #girlgains, and first and foremost her dessert Yoghurt Bowls are absolutely incredible and mouth watering! A fitness girl that shares her passion for PT with her degree in musical theatre.

I love how she can be smashing her workouts, teaching spinning classes while managing to Vlog her entire day, and giving inspiring messages on body confidence and self-belief but can also show the real side of everyday life by kicking back and relaxing when needed.

CARLY ROWENA @carlyrowena

Abs for days! I love reaching for my phone in the gym, searching through her feed and finding perfect inspo for when you are stuck in a rut. I am a huge fan of her youtube videos and her idea of a balanced healthy life. Check out her feed and insta stories to catch some great videos on Crossfit and girl power.

CLEAN EATING ALICE @clean_eating_alice

Don’t let her size deceive you! She is full of power and strength. Her feed is full of colourful recipe ideas, with plates full of healthy fats and balanced meals. She is also featured on the cover of Womens healthy, complete and utter GIRL BOSS!, proving that being true to yourself can get you places too.

LAUREN TICKNER @_laurenfitness

Probably one of the youngest girls on this list, but a huge youtube/instagram sensation nonetheless with a brilliant hashtag #strengthfeed. And recently featured in the Daily Mail! She is currently studying business at the University of Bath, and like many students at university she has exams, lectures and loud flatmates, however Lauren isn’t like other students because to a normal day to day life we have to add online coach, and a UKBFF bikini stage athlete.I can’t imagine a night where I don’t go to bed watching her snapchat videos, proving you can be a complete Girl Boss while at university.

So If you are looking for that little extra girl power to get your bum into the gym, these girls will kick you right into gear! 




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