Stay Organised in 2017 with Busy B

Granted, the year ended last night and how on earth did it come by so fast? It only feels like yesterday we were entering 2016. I’m not one for new years resolutions but I do love the idea of what the New year can entail. I’m a firm believer that “everyday is a new beginning” but we have to remember the New Year is just a start marked by our calendars, in the end we are the same people we were the day before, but gives us the perfect boost to take the new day as a fresh start.

What better way for a fresh start than by purchasing some cute stationery. Treat yourself in this new year to a desk planner, a beautiful diary, to do lists and many other ideas to keep yourself on track. Purchasing stationery is a perfect way to stay organised with our busy hectic lives, for me, the more the merrier, which makes buying way too many notepads completely justifiable.

However in 2016 I definitely fell in love with Busy B stationery brand! We all love that fresh smell of a blank page and the idea of a fresh start. For me the best way to keep on track of my hectic day to day schedule is to:


I love to plan, it may sound sad but I love grabbing my shiny coloured pens and just adding important dates, filling in appointments, parties, event and meeting friends, as well as my workouts and things like my food shop for the week. It’s also a great way to write down things to look forward to and make note of your goals.

It’s always nice to feel on top of things, as sometimes our lives can get just that tad bit too overwhelming!

Busy B floral life diary is a beautifully handy designed stationery that’s absolutely perfect, it offers dual schedules on a page, with a week to a spread, allowing the perfect chance to keep ourselves organised, with a wonderful balancing act. It offers room for all your daily needs, as well as the possibility of using it as a to-do list. Nowadays it is true that many of us will rely on our electronic calendars, on our phones or Ipads, but for me it is still that extra special to have it written down.

However for me the best thing about the Diary is it’s size, Busy B offer a perfect A5 which is just right for carrying around with you. However don’t be alarmed by it’s size ’cause it offers a perfect amount of room because no one really needs to write incredibly long lists that can just end up being extremely useless. 

As a Graphic Designer I spend my life glued to a laptop, so Busy B weekly planner pad for me is Ideal. Both for its size and functionality, it allows me to be working on my laptop and at the same time I can catch a glimpse of it without having to stop what I’m doing. This is because of its two glued edges that allow it to be used as a mouse mat, it offers 60 weekly sheets, with two cute magnets to let you stick all your important weekly plans on the fridge to never lose track.

So, If you feel like your head is always floating around, never really able to concentrate on anything, give yourself a little treat, we often put too much on our plate, giving ourselves to much to do in a single 24 hours, which in many cases can cause us to just simply give up, with the worse case scenario being the result of not doing anything that we had originally planned.

In this new year, treat yourself to some beautiful stationery. I’m definitely ready to take on the New Year and can’t wait for what’s in store, especially with my blog. I’m ready to mark down important deadlines, to help get myself together and stop slacking. By writing down and organising my posts scheduling and getting some great content up online.

And, who doesn’t love a Bargain? Busy B are currently holding their January sale, and you can get these wonderful products at incredible prices, so go and check them out, and let me know what you think.

How do you stay organised? What are some stationery brands that you love?

Happy New Year, and I welcome with open arms 2017!



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