How to get in the Festive mood

Happy Thursday and Happy 1st of December!! 

Hey guys welcome to my first post on Blogmas, December means it’s officially ok, to get over excited about Christmas. Today’s blog post is all about how to get in that festive mood, even though we are still living our everyday lives either at work or at university. 

Once I reach the first of December point all the cheesy Christmasy things I own, come out of their hiding place. Here are a few things I do to get myself ready for Christmas.

1. First and foremost MUSIC! Lately I feel like I literally live in my car, driving to work, trainings, constantly going backwards and forwards, and let’s face it there rarely is anything decent on the radio. Well it’s time to crank up the music with our favourite Christmas hits, for me it means singing Michael Buble at the top of my voice. It definitely gets me in the Christmas Spirit. Those songs you’ve been singing along with since you were little, will make all the warm and fuzzy Christmas feelings come rushing back.

2. Make a Countdown to Christmas: for me it’s buying myself an advent calendar, the feeling of waking up to a piece of chocolate couldn’t sound any more amazing. Nowadays there are many alternatives to Christmas advent calendars, but I love being traditional.

3. Get that tree up! Another great thing about Christmas, is that you get to turn your house into your own winter themed Christmasy Ski lodge. DECORATING THE HOUSE with twinkly lights, a big Christmas tree to hide all the presents, and a nice warm log fire with your stockings hanging. 

4. Get Crafty ,why not try your hand at making your own decorations, and give a personal touch to your home.Whether you want to build a gingerbread house, make a wreath, the holidays are always a great time to get creative. 

5. BAKE! Christmas and cookies go hand in hand. Gingerbread,shortbread, decorated cupcakes, sugar cookies… the options are endless. On any other normal day I adore baking, but when it comes to sweet Christmas treats it really does leave you in the festive spirit,a batch of homemade cookies are a great gift idea too, to share with friends and loved ones.

6. Organise a Christmas Movie night, snuggle up to your loved ones under cold wintery nights leading up to Christmas, and pop up some popcorn. There’s a holiday movie outhere for everybody. 

Have a wonderful Thursday, and a great run up to Christmas. With many more Blogmas posts to follow. 




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