What Graphic Design means to me 

To many what Graphic design is or what it entails is a complete unknown subject, hidden behind the spotlight of so many other flashy careers: medicine, law, engineering and so one. Really I don’t blame you for not knowing of its existence ’cause until I entered the world of Graphic Design I had no idea what it was about either. The amount of times I’ve been asked “What do you do?” or my favourite “Do you design Logos and things?” is unimaginable and trust me when I say it isn’t easy to explain either.

As technology spreads it’s wings Graphic Design grows stronger, modern designers in this sphere have multiple options to apply their talents. Modern graphic design has had it’s boundaries pushed further and further, it doesn’t simply beautify an inanimate object or even a digital one, it goes beyond that, it helps users navigate, even guides their way in a way they can understand.

Today I’m here to explain what all this means to me and how I came across it. I have always been a creative person but never really found a niche, I did art through primary school, secondary school, and even Sixth form but to be honest I never really enjoyed it,all through school I studied the classic Arts, through drawing, music, history of art but I stuck with it cause somehow I knew this was the path for me. I had always loved Disney growing up, watching animated films with my family was one of favourite things to do ( I still am, and always will be a #1 disney fan) So I got the idea in my head, that I had to make it my goal to work for Disney and be an animator, so for a while I fixated on that. But a Degree in animation didn’t come cheap and was definitely not easy to come across, so when one of our teachers mentioned that I could achieve my goal, through Graphic Design I decided to go for it.

By this stage I had applied for a Degree in Graphic Design, an was about to embark on a journey with no idea what I was really doing. One thing I do have to say is, my approach to Design doesn’t have to be the same for everybody, I went to university because I still wasn’t sure on a career path, but if you are a creative person with an eye for design there are many other ways you can achieve your goal.

Through university I learnt how graphic design has the power of communication,transfering a message to others by means of visual elements. As a designer you can cover all spheres of human life, that we all encounter in our day to day, from books to posters, to animation, and even apps that we use on a daily basis on our phones.

And in such an incredible broad sphere it can be overwhelming and hard to find what ones good at, especially when at uni you are taught all different aspects. However somewhere along the way I managed to find myself, by combining the two things I love Fashion and design. I had never really been a fashionista kind of girl growing up, neither was I ever worried about what I wore, but I’d always had a passion for magazines, I loved the design of them, from the cover, to all the glowing interior, even adored the glossy paper, and I would collect and store them in my room. Bought with the pocket money I was given for food after school.

So really it wasn’t until the end of my degree that I realised what Design meant to me, it became a way of express myself, and through editorial design I found a way to do so. So even though I began my path with a completely different mindset I realised I didn’t enjoy the animation projects I was sent home to do, but I could spend hours behind my laptop designing booklets, zines, books magazines, you name it I loved it. By combining images and text on paper I could create a piece that would be visually captivating in a way that getting a message across would become part of the process and not only a means to an end.

Final degree project for university

It isn’t a secret that we are not only rational but emotional creatures, and most of us visually driven and aesthetically engaged. And Design will always be seen as “oh so you make posters and pretty things” but I can tell you it is so much more, I may not be saving lives or making ground braking discoveries, but Design is everywhere wether you know it or not.

And for me, I have recently graduated from my degree, and waiting to see what the future holds. Hopefully a dream job will pop my way, but for the mean time: Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.




5 thoughts on “What Graphic Design means to me 

  1. awesome, I love graphic design, started in high school in graphic design and went to college and worked ever since in it. Thanks for sharing your story.


    1. Thank you so much for reading it. xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. As a graphic design student, I can relate to this so much. It’s hard to explain to people what graphic design is whenever people ask about what it is that I do.

    Like you, I have also studied visual art as well as design.


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