Back in sunny Spain


I apologize, for the long time no talk.

I am now on my sofa in sunny Spain, back from my trip to the Uk to see P. Wonderful and amazing memories, that will keep us wanting more for a while to come. There’s nothing else but to wait for future memories and days together. 

Being in separate countries is never easy but it makes you go back to basics, and keep that spark going with the little details that make it so wonderful. All in all “if you want to live together you first have to learn to live apart” Yes, waiting can be painful but I’m thankful for all the little things that keep the spark going, like hand written letters, postcards, good morning and good night texts. To me something so simple can mean so much, when others may see little or no value in it.

A week full of great walks, food, and lots of shopping (shame only hand luggage) and quality time together. Including a great day in London, I will be doing a series of posts about travel tips to and an insight into my little adventures in the Uk.

I have been absent lately on my blog, putting it aside.I decided to take a step back, and re-think my time ahead and set a plan. Once in a while I find it great to do this, just disconnect from the world. In other things, November means it’s totally ok to talk about Christmas! And I have a feeling the wait up to this one is going to be extra special.

Be back soon,




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