8 Hours in London

As a girl who grew up between two countries travelling has always been a must. However sometimes you really don’t have to go far and in my case just a quick tube ride away I have one of the prettiest cities this earth has to offer. I was born on the outskirts of London, even though my parents jeted off to Spain when I was two, we always return back to my town on holidays and special ocasions to visit family and friends. 

London to me is a dream, a hectic, vibrant, beautiful city that has everything you could possibly imagine from culture, to great food, to wonderful landmarks, streets you just wish you could wonder for days, or a Beautiful stroll along the river thames when night starts to fall over the city. So when I returned back to the Uk this time, London as per usual was a top priority however this time we only had a short time in the city. 

In todays blog post I want to share with you guys how to make the most of your day in London even if you don’t have much time. Me and P. the night before took out our map and set up a plan, wondering the streets may sound like a great idea but with a city with so much to offer I highly recommend picking the places you want to visit and set up a route from there. 

We arrived around 11:00am at Marylebone station, and even though I’ve spent plenty of days in London I still managed to feel overwhelmed with excitement just as if it was my first time. 

Shopping: We made our way on the tube to Oxford Street/Regent Street a Shopping must when in London, stopping at all our London favourites Forever 21, Nike Town, Hamley’s and of course The Disney store, no matter your age it’s a fairytale from top to bottom. As well as one or two department stores along the way. 

“For every girl who dreams big there’s a princess to show her it’s possible”

As we didn’t have much time, shopping wasn’t a high priority so we began our little sightseeing tour around London, we then moved from Regent Street up one of it’s  side streets and found our way through the beautiful streets of Soho. Through all my years visiting London I’d never really discovered what Soho had to offer, an endless amount of possibilities, with unique shops, bars and restaurants. We visited Kingly Court but we weren’t quite hungry yet, so we decided to stop just for a snack and a drink. 

What we managed to see: We made our way from the Streets of Soho towards Picadilly Circus because, who doesn’t feel like a big giant tourist under those lights? I highly recommend if you have more time in the city to definitely watch a west end show, just a bit further along from Picadilly in Leicester Square you can find various ticket offices selling last minute tickets at great deals especially “Tkts  a box office run by the Society of London Theatre however be prepared for queuing. Another great thing in Leicester Square are their famous cinema screens if you are lucky you might be able to catch a premiere from an upcoming movie. 

From there we moved along to Covent garden, I always love how you can find different types of performers here: comedians, magicians, musicians, and on a special ocasion you may get a little glimpse of the wonderful voices of the London National Opera House. 

Once we had made our way around covent garden are stomachs were definitely starting to rumble loudly by then it was nearly three o’clock (sorry guys Spanish lunch times) for some reason though time just flies in the city. I couldn’t wait to take P. to one of my favourite eating places LEON. They offer lovely healthy options with a fast food service fell about it,I just find it all extremely tasty, I can honestly say I haven’t tried anything yet that I haven’t loved and you can find them all around the capital, as we were in covent garden we stopped by LEON located along the Mall. I had my favourite sweet potatoe falafel box and he went for a chicken burger. 

After we had sufficient energy to continue we wondered along to Trafalgar Square, past Horse Guards Parade and along to Big Ben and Westminster. We sat down and just enjoyed the view, watching the world past by and just taking it all in. This is one of my favourite areas of London and I would normally love to cross the bridge to the London Eye and stroll along South Bank a traffic free walk by the Thames with beautiful views of the city. Unfortunately this time we had a bus to catch, so as the sun began to set we made our way towards Victoria Coach Station. 
Hidden gems: Behind Victoria Coast Station we found the most adorable little bakery Peggy Porschen with stunning decor on the interior and out, I will definitely be visiting again next time specially in day light. ” Founded in 2003, the company is headed by award winning cake designer and Creative Director Peggy Porschen and her husband Bryn Morro”

Because of the season we are in I went for an adorable pumpkin cupcake with a little heart on top that was delicious tasty, and he had a slice of salted chocolate caramel cake. And we also enjoyed some vanilla tea.


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