Weekend Recap

How is it Monday again already?! Not that I’m complaining, I’ve had the most perfect days out here in Leeds. After weeks of waiting Friday 21st Finaly arrived and it was time to catch my flight to the Uk to spend ten days by his side again.

My weekend began on Friday and after many hours of travelling by plane and train I finally arrived in chilly Leeds, I have to admit I love travelling, something about the thrill of airports makes me love them, from exploring its duty free perks, to just wondering around and being amazed at how many emotions and cherrished goodbyes you can see through their corridors.

For me the nerves of something going wrong are always there, but everything went perfectly. We call ourselves lucky, having the chance to share our lives with somebody else, every relationship has its ups and downs and being so far apart is definetly not an up, however we embrace each others little quirks and face whatever life throws at us, because in the end we are human, living an adventure but most importantly, living it together. So I can’t wait for what little adventures this week brings.

For the most part our weekend consisted of spending time together, wondering Leeds streets and eating lots of food, as usual the best part.During these next few days I will post my favourite Leeds places to visit, when here and best spots to eat.

On Sunday we visited Leeds Corn exchange where a vintage market fair was taking place, full of vintage stools from clothing, to bags, to basically anything you might need or want, at incredible prices. On a normal day the Corn Exchange is home to cafes and little independant shops, my favourite was on the top floor a little shop selling beautiful old cameras in perfect condition.

One thing I love about coming back to the Uk is the feeling of being home, I guess no matter what country you live in, the English side of you never dissapears. I have to admit I even like the dark evenings, closing the blinds, turnings the lights on and just snuggling down behind my laptop under a warm blanket.

There’s also so much to look forward to this week: Halloween, London and a visit back to my home town to visit my family.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


C. xx


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  1. Pretty pictures! Great post 🙂

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